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Nobody likes owing the IRS money.  Most certainly nobody likes having the IRS file a tax lien.  But when you pay off the IRS, they release the tax lien.  That is a great feeling but a released tax lien still affects your credit.  If you pay off the balance owed the IRS, you can take it a step further and request that the IRS withdraw the tax lien.  A withdrawn tax lien does NOT affect your credit.  We all are very aware that bad credit can be costly and good credit can save you a lot of money.  Check out this website to show you just how much an increase in your credit score can save you on a mortgage.  The calculator has various input fields to cover a variety of situations.

So the important message here is this: If you have ever had a tax lien filed on you and it has been paid off, be sure to request that the IRS withdraw this lien.  It can save you money and we all like to do that. 

Kurtis Kron