Solving IRS Problems


Dealing with the IRS is usually not just a Yes or No scenario.


There are multiple avenues to pursue to solve IRS tax problems

As your case moves through the process, I will evaluate how it is progressing and whether there are other steps we should take.  I will be the contact point for the IRS so you will not have to speak to them.  If an in-person meeting is required, I will attend that meeting so that you will not have to. 

It is my process of evaluating your situation, identifying the tax law provisions that apply, knowing which provisions are most advantageous for you, and advising you on any planning moves you can make to improve your position with the IRS that results in getting your tax problems resolved with the best possible outcome.


Services for "IRS Situations"


There are a myriad of “IRS Situations” a taxpayer can get into and there are just as many provisions in the law to help you in these situations.  While this is not an all-inclusive list, I have listed some possible tax situations and the related actions to consider:


Owe the IRS money?

Would you like to settle this debt for less than the amount you owe?  Perhaps an Offer in Compromise is the solution.

Have a Tax Lien?

We may be able to have this lien released, though this still has an adverse effect on your credit.  Even better, we may be able to have this lien withdrawn after it is released without affecting your credit at all!

IRS levying your bank account or garnishing your wages?

There are steps we can take to end these levies and garnishments.

IRS keeping your tax refund to pay back taxes of your spouse?

Maybe the Injured Spouse provisions will enable you to get your share of the refund.

Assessed a large penalty?

We regularly get clients out of penalties using one of the many provisions such as First Time Abatement (FTA) or reasonable cause.

Have unfiled tax returns?

We will prepare and file all returns needed and address any related issues such as balances due or late filing/late payment penalties.

Are you being audited?

We represent clients in all types and phases of tax return audits.  Types of audits include correspondence audits, office audits, and field audits.  We can also help clients that have represented themselves in an audit, ended up with a bad result, and now need help with the appeal process.

Have unpaid payroll taxes?

We can help address this situation utilizing payment arrangements, penalty abatements, and get you on the road to being current.  We can also address the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty (TFRP).

Have any other tax problem?

There are other provisions in the tax law that may benefit you.  Perhaps the Currently Not Collectible (CNC) status is in your best interest.  Perhaps letting the 10 year statute of limitations expire is the best course of action.  Whatever your IRS problem is, I can help you.

In addition to tax controversy, I continue to provide tax preparation and tax planning services for individuals and businesses including Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR) requirements, amended tax returns, and trust and estate tax returns.